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Fantasy5MINby Szurgent, Jespersen Holm, Brix, Tewedros, Sletting, Behrmann Larsen, Desfougeres ...

A young woman bored with modern life is lured by Bacchus into a colorful and mysterious world to explore her deepest desires.
(Age: 13+)

The Animation Workshop graduation films 2018

February 1, 2018 > Videos

The latest graduation films produced by students from The Animation Workshop are starting to show up online. The...

Goose Pimples

December 12, 2017 > Videos

Camping nighttime games. A brief fun short directed by Loïc Espuche and produced at French film school La Poudrière,...

The Little Boy And The Beast

Drama7MINby Johannes Weiland, Uwe Heidschötter

A tender look at divorce from the eyes of a child.

The Legend Of The Crabe Phare

November 14, 2017 > Videos

The Crabe-Phare is a legendary crustacean. He captures the boats of lost sailors to add them to his collection...