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SteadXP launches crowdfunding campaign!

September 11, 2015 > Hardware, Software

The developers of the SteadXP video stabilization system have finally launched a crowdfunding campaign that will bring their stabilizing device to filmmakers at large, providing great freedom in creating smooth moving camera shots with...

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SteadXP video stabilizer updates

June 22, 2015 > Hardware, Software

The developers of the upcoming SteadXP video stabilization system have posted two video updates, showing a recently added reframing feature that allows to control with precision the final trajectory of your stabilized output and...

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Studio Binder App helps send and track personalized call times

February 3, 2015 > Production, Software

Studio Binder is a new App that helps you manage your productions. It allows to invite cast and crew, send personalized call times as email and text messages, and track all confirmations. The App...

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FPV drone racing

December 30, 2014 > Other

Filmmaking drones have given birth to a new sport: first person view drone racing. The first event took place last year in Argonay, France. Watch the video by clicking the above image.

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Movidiam online film production platform

November 20, 2014 > Production

Movidiam is an online platform for film and video production conceived by professionals who have worked for many years in the film industry. It aims to streamline the production process, offering features such as...

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