SteadXP launches crowdfunding campaign!

The developers of the SteadXP video stabilization system have finally launched a crowdfunding campaign that will bring their stabilizing device to filmmakers at large, providing great freedom in creating smooth moving camera shots with handheld cameras.

The system combines hardware and software: the hardware (an accelerometer and gyroscope) attaches to your camera and records its movements as you shoot. The software post-processes the footage using that information, stabilizing the footage, removing rolling shutter issues, allowing to reframe the image, create smooth hyperlapse videos and even add motion blur to fast camera moves. According to a first review of a SteadXP prototype, the system requires shooting footage at high shutter speeds to be effective (between 1/250th and 1/500th). This obviously changes the aesthetic and may bring the need to add motion blur in post.

SteadXP is expected to be shipped in March 2016. More information is available on SteadXP’s Kickstarter page.

Posted September 11, 2015

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