Latest Interviews

Daniel Martínez Lara on Changes

August 10, 2014 >

Spanish animator and head of Pepe-School-Land Daniel Martínez Lara talks about the making of the short film Changes.

Big Lazy Robot on the making of iDiots

December 9, 2013 >

"Real Life. Pravda. Como la vida misma." The release of iDiots on the net has generated strong reactions around the world, spreading like wildfire, due to the accuracy with which it portrays addiction to technology...

Till Nowak on the making of The Centrifuge Brain Project

November 13, 2013 >

We interview Till Nowak on the making of his extreme amusement rides documentary "The Centrifuge Brain Project" and his experience of directing and filming, as well as producing the 3D animation for the short.

FX Goby on the making of En Tus Brazos

November 5, 2013 >

French director François-Xavier Goby talks about the making of the first tango CG animated short, "En Tus Brazos", which he created together with Edouard Jouret and Matthieu Landour at animation school Supinfocom Valenciennes.