Latest Interviews

Alex Roman on the making of The Third & The Seventh, ‘From Bits To The Lens’ book

September 9, 2013 >

We had the pleasure of talking to Alex Roman about the making of his landmark short film, "The Third & The Seventh", and his new book, From Bits To The Lens, which is based on...

Kevin Margo on the making of Grounded

July 22, 2013 >

We interview Kevin Margo, VFX Supervisor at renowned Blur Studio, on the making his first short film "Grounded".

Machu Picchu Post team interview

June 20, 2013 >

Machu Picchu Post was created at Supinfocom by Clément Crocq, Margaux Durand-Rival and Nicolas Novali. We had the great pleasure of interviewing them regarding the production of their short film, their personal experiences at Supinfocom,...

Lots of Robots making of: Andy Murdock interview

May 18, 2013 >

We had the pleasure of interviewing Andy Murdock on the making of the short film Lots of Robots.