MOPA student shorts

New short films produced by third year students from French school MOPA are showing up online. Below are some highlights. There are more good shorts available on Vimeo.

Bye Bye Birdy by Clément Masson


Larry by Marianna Crosetti


Une Poule Sur Un Mur by Hugues Valin


Le Lac des Sheep by Geoffrey Rakotoarisoa


Tracteur 3000 by Smilou

Posted May 10, 2017


  • me

    FYI, majority of these students (very talented) have now transferred to the new 3D animation school which opened in Avignon, France this year:

  • Filmnosis

    Thank you for the comment. We are well aware of it. Most of the MOPA teachers have moved to ENSI, too, led by Julien Deparis and Isabelle Aubin, taking with them their quality pedagogic method and film production system. (They could’ve even called the new school Supinfocom Avignon.) We’re looking forward to supporting their efforts and that of all artists at the new school.

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