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Alex Roman on the making of The Third & The Seventh

September 9, 2013 > News

We had the pleasure of interviewing talented CG artist and director Alex Roman about his short film "The Third...

LittleCast allows selling videos on Facebook

September 6, 2013 > Distribution

LittleCast has devised a platform that is closely integrated with Facebook and allows filmmakers and producers to sell videos directly to their social networks on Facebook. Read more on LittleCast.

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Batz teaser video, new film from the authors of Burning Safari

September 3, 2013 > Trailers

Two of the authors from the short film Burning Safari, Maxime Maléo and Aurélien Predal, are collaborating again on a new film. After running a successful Kickstarter campaign to gather funding, Batz is now...

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Breathe X-rayed

August 22, 2013 > News

A complete analysis of the music video for the song Respire has just been published. (more…)

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Wim Wenders’ 50 Golden Rules of Moviemaking

August 3, 2013 > Tips

German film director Wim Wenders shares years of filmmaking experience in this article on MovieMaker Magazine.

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