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Short Of Breath

Action, Thriller5MINby Vergonnier, Pochez, Dessertaine, Adnet, Poulain, Rouziere

Under pressure. A young motorcycle driver trains for a supercross competition with the help of a father obsessed with winning.


Drama3MINby Víctor Bonafonte

An IT employee is assigned a mission in a faraway land.


Drama1MINby Rémy Schaepman

Games without frontiers.

École des Nouvelles Images releases first batch of short films, sets the bar high

July 31, 2018 > Videos

The school founded by Julien Deparis and Isabelle Aubin, which incorporated many teachers from the MOPA team who decided...


Fantasy5MINby Szurgent, Jespersen Holm, Brix, Tewedros, Sletting, Behrmann Larsen, Desfougeres ...

A young woman bored with modern life is lured by Bacchus into a colorful and mysterious world to explore her deepest desires.
(Age: 13+)