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Life Time

SciFi1MINby Corneille Tchocodo, Flora Cordelier, Marc Muthuon

A man faces an unexpected journey.

Short Of Breath

Action, Thriller5MINby Vergonnier, Pochez, Dessertaine, Adnet, Poulain, Rouziere

Under pressure. A young motorcycle driver trains for a supercross competition with the help of a father obsessed with winning.


Drama3MINby Víctor Bonafonte

An IT employee is assigned a mission in a faraway land.


Drama1MINby Rémy Schaepman

Games without frontiers.

École des Nouvelles Images releases first batch of short films, sets the bar high

July 31, 2018 > Videos

The school founded by Julien Deparis and Isabelle Aubin, which incorporated many teachers from the MOPA team who decided...