Latest Shorts

Your Umbrella, Mister!

Comedy1MINby Joséphine Gobbi

A street happening.

Allo…Chloé ?

Comedy2MINby Reza Riahi

Chloé plays with her doll. Suddenly, the phone rings.

It Smells Like Whiting

Comedy1MINby Fanny Lambert

How to take a bath.
(Age: 13+)

The Animation Workshop graduation films 2019

March 5, 2019 > News

Danish school The Animation Workshop has released online the latest graduation shorts created by its students. As each year,...

Forget Me Not

Drama, Fantasy7MINby Jensen, Brix Torø, Marie Methi, Lundquist, Strandli, Kruse, Stefan Grosu ...

In the Norwegian forest a man spends his days with his lifelong friend, a troll.