Latest Shorts


SciFi4MINby Paul Raillard

After a failed experiment, a scientist finds himself sharing his body with a hundred people.

The Last Of The Last

Drama, War8MINby Patrice Guillain

The last surviving soldier of the World War wants to get rid of a terrible burden that keeps him alive.

The Table

Comedy4MINby Eugene Boitsov

A woodworker is obsessed with the idea of creating the perfect object.

Planticus Jealosicus

Comedy1MINby Masa Avramovic

Two plants compete for their owner’s affection.


Drama7MINby Fabry, McKenna, Cavanaugh, Ribkina, Dalum, Sharvit, Aulbekova ...

Conor leads a fast-paced life on the streets of Dublin.
(Age: 16+)