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Action, Comedy3MINby Patrick Jean

8-bit video game characters on the loose.

The Bigoudenn Migration

Fantasy3MINby Alexandre Heboyan, Eric Castaing, Fafah Togora

As the night begins to fall on the coast of Bretagne, Bigoudenes gather to proceed on a mysterious ritual.

Batz teaser video, new film from the authors of Burning Safari

September 3, 2013 > Trailers

Two of the authors from the short film Burning Safari, Maxime Maléo and Aurélien Predal, are collaborating again on a new film. After running a successful Kickstarter campaign to gather funding, Batz is now...

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Burning Safari

Action, Comedy2MINby Predal, Trebutien, de La Taille, Irzenski, Maléo, Aupetit

Small alien robots land on Earth for a photo safari.


Comedy2MINby Mike Stern

A classic case of man vs. saxophone.