1150 Canyon Road

"A glimpse into a suburban street, but not everything is as it seems."

One shot, a crime theme, an emphasis on sound design and the use of offscreen space compose this short film by Art&Graft studio.

Situated in a suburban area from the USA, this genre film builds an initial external conflict and suspense through sound. The action takes place in offscreen space for almost half of the film. The soundtrack employs ambient, on-the-air (phone call), offscreen and onscreen sound, all of them diegetic, with the exception of music. The later is used in a nondiegetic way most of the film, but surfaces back as diegetic, onscreen music when the skater approaches the car with music playing in his headphones.

One single dolly out shot is employed throughout the film, which helps create suspense by slowly revealing the scene and the characters that take part in it (one of those six characters, the woman, is actually never seen). When the characters start showing up onscreen, blocking and choreography are employed to stage the action in front of the camera, during the long take.

The stylized, low-poly aesthetic is worth mentioning, it contrasts with the realistic soundscape but allows to easily follow the plot and falls in line with the highly stylized characters and story. Surprise and humor help spice up the film and hook the viewer.

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