"A man wants to withdraw money from a bank."

Coming from Avignon-based ENSI, this fun short made by Auguste Lefort and Jeanie Wong presents a fine essay on impossibility with an accent on the use of offscreen space and physical humor.

Staging far exceeds the non-realistic and uses exaggeration for comedic effect. The film takes place inside a bank in an unmeasurable room filled with safe deposit boxes. The main character is offered a challenge against the impossible. Conflicts soon accumulate leading to the inevitable.

Four objects are used to increase the character’s difficulties and potentiate conflict: a ladder, a piece of paper, a key and a suitcase.

A stylized aesthetic is employed with saturated colors. Visual rhythm is handled mostly through editing, cameras are usually static, with just one tilt at the beginning of the film. Sound is used strongly for comedic effect and to narrate through creation of offscreen space.

What makes the film work so well? An outrageous mise-en-scène, fun character design, unsurmountable obstacles and great use of offscreen space for creating surprise.


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