Fly Me To The Moon

"Elegantly wasted."

Coming from Hungary, this short film by illustrator and comic book artist Miklós Felvidéki presents two main characters, a SciFi staging and a fun way of playing with contrasting situations.

The film makes frequent use of subjective and semi-subjective shots, focusing on transmitting the internal state of the fox character. Staged on the moon, the short uses a stylized aesthetic and employs SciFi-related iconography, re-contextualizing a mundane situation (a character with a hangover calling someone else) and contrasting it with a milestone event, that of humanity arriving to the moon for the first time.

Also worth noting are the great work on the environment, the expressive body language, the use of sensory images (the character stretching, climbing down among rocks, inserting coins, sliding his finger on a rock, etc.) and great elements of humor achieved by contrasts or by re-contextualizing simple actions.

The short was produced by the artist during a college course, based on a 4 page comic he had drawn in high school.


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