Let’s Pollute

"A modern satire on how pollution is our heritage and keeps our economy growing strong. Learn how to become a better polluter today."

Age: 13+

Concerned by human pollution and a culture of disposability, US illustrator and animator Geefwee Boedoe created this animated short crafted in the style of a 1950s public service educational film.

Let’s Pollute employs a joyous tone and humorous approach, with an accent on stylized aesthetics and playful, non-realistic staging. Visual rhythm is high, created through camera moves, motion within the frame (including moving backgrounds), editing and some elaborate transitions. The rhythm is intensified through the pace of sound and music, which together with the visuals compose a polished choreography.

Three main characters are used, which help weave a coherent progression throughout the short, complemented by a number of other characters. No strong conflict is present, the scenes are staged in various locations (mostly urban) and different times of history, with related variations in iconography.

Also worth noting is the great work dedicated to aesthetics, including framing and composition of elements, as well as the incorporation of all kinds of real world visual elements. The author chose to draw the characters using lithographic pencils and paper, and consciously tried to include as much tactile texture from the real world as possible.

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