Life Time

"A man faces an unexpected journey."

One main character (split into two), a Sci-Fi theme and a focus on time are the ingredients of this short film produced at Parisian school Atelier de Sèvres.

Staged in different worlds (maybe dimensions) the film uses varying aesthetics to describe them. Saturated colors are employed with different color palettes to make each world distinct. Sci-Fi elements are used such as portals and alien landscapes.

An external conflict acts as a plot point that triggers a change in pace, there is a clear intention to make the film dynamic. Visual rhythm is handled through editing, motion within the frame, camera moves, FX and the use of a handheld camera. Music and sound effects also add rhythm to the images. Special attention is paid to screen directions, which help greatly in maintaining spatial continuity throughout the short.

It’s worth noting that the short film was made in just two weeks by three artists, as part of their studies at the Atelier supérieur d’animation.


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