"A scientist invents a device for seeing the future."

Two characters, a science fiction theme and an object that generates internal and external conflicts compose this short by French artist Emma Carré, produced as part of her studies at La Poudrière animation film school.

Narrated from the POV of a scientist character, the short makes heavy use of subjective and semi-subjective shots and relies on reaction shots plus sound to transmit the emotions of the character. Time is a central element of the short, with flash-forwards identified through color and sound, and presented initially as a frame within the frame, and later on filling the whole image. Objects and sound are also used as triggers to create a sense of urgency and augment conflict in the scene, as well as to help build a psychological/subjective atmosphere.

The wide appeal of the short comes from its depiction of paradoxes and self-fulfilling prophecies, and of the implied danger of our irresistible urge to know the future (an idea that has inhabited humanity’s myths for thousands of years).

It’s worth noting the optimized script and skilled staging, which allow to transmit a complex subject in such a short time.

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