Strawberry Ice Cream

"Despite his best intentions, Makoto has no choice but to face the past that comes to haunt him."

Age: 13+

Coming from French school Gobelins, this genre film presents three main characters, strong external and internal conflicts and a father and son relationship.

Staged in Japanese urban and suburban locations, the short places an emphasis on aesthetics, with wonderful work on the environments and very well integrated 3D elements. Careful attention has been dedicated to framing, composition, use of color, mood and lighting. The film is a pleasure to watch.

Other highlights include the two effective action sequences, the great use of slow motion, the sensory images (the one of the robot outside the window with the lights passing by is especially evocative), and the fact that a film with such characteristic Japanese flavor has been produced in a French school.


Making of material by Samuel Klughertz


Character designs by Jules Rigolle

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