The Centrifuge Brain Project

"A documentary on extreme amusement park rides and their effects on the brain."


Till Nowak’s intention when building these outrageous imaginary park rides was to exaggerate the characteristics of current rides to make people see once again the irrationality of the reality around them, helping reveal something that is no longer perceived due to us having adapted to it. His artwork plays with established norms of society and culture.

In “The Centrifuge Brain Project” he chose to approach the subject with humor, building a scientific documentary façade using various elements, including codes from expository documentaries, a fun dialogue filled with technical jargon, great naturalistic acting and believable footage of imaginary amusement rides created with CG.

If this wasn’t enough, he also extended this façade to the the net. He created a website for the Institute for Centrifugal Research, which prominently features the slogan “Gravity is a mistake. We work hard to correct it.”

The proof that the director succeeded in the realistic documentary approach can be found easily in the amount of comments on the net asking if the rides are real. From the film one can tell that he had a lot of fun working on this project. And he certainly managed to make us look at amusement rides in a different light.

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Interview – Till Nowak on the making of The Centrifuge Brain Project


Outtake - Dr. Laslowicz about the early days


Outtake - Dr. Laslowicz about High Altitude Conveyance System


Outtake - Dr. Laslowicz about Centrifugalization


Unusual incident: windows crossing the street


Framebox - Till Nowak's production studio


Institute for Centrifugal Research - home page

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