The Thousand Year Journey: Oregon To Patagonia

"Routine is the enemy. A wake up call intended as a healthy nudge for people to shake up their lives a bit."

This documentary short by US director Kenny Laubbacher presents a portrait of Jedidiah Jenkins, a graduate of the USC School of Cinematic Arts and Pepperdine University School of Law who decided to enjoy life to the fullest, quit the job he loved and go on a trip from the US to Patagonia. Considering a big percentage of humanity lives in cities and has sedentary lives, it’s no surprise the subject of the film is widely appealing.

Driven by Jedidiah’s voice-over, the documentary uses music to help build continuity. It focuses on Jedidiah as the main character and how he experiences his trip. Daily aspects of his life are shown, as well as the elements that he uses during traveling. Among the varying landscapes, a number of sequences with brief progressions are built. The director transmits both a feeling of traveling as well as the sense of wonder that it produces on Jedidiah. There’s ample use of sensory images which help transmit the strong presence of nature in the film. Visual rhythm is high, both due to editing and motion within the frame.

The choice of the director to use a more frontal, emotional shot of the character at the end helps bring a nice closure to the short. It should also be noted that Jedidiah is a great communicator, and that is a significant factor in making the film as interesting as it is.


Jedidiah Jenkins on the reasons for traveling


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