Why Wolves?

"Would you like to buy some wolves?"

Coming from Danish school The Animation Workshop, “Why Wolves?” is a fun short that features a saleswolf pitching its offer to a potential client. A crowd-based short with two distinct characters, it presents an unlikely offer with an accent on humor.

Situated in a suburban area, with most of the action taking place inside a house, “Why Wolves?” employs non-realistic staging to create comedic situations. A stylized aesthetic is used, with simplified shapes and saturated colors, which contribute to the cheerful mood.

Voice-over narration is employed as narrative device. It starts as diegetic speech from the saleswolf and then shifts towards non-diegetic, helping drive the narrative forward and triggering the various vignettes that lead to the answer from the main character.

Static “cameras” are used, with the exception of one camera move. Visual rhythm is high, however, handled mostly through fast-paced editing and motion within the frame.

What makes it work so well? Creativity, absurd humor that surprises the viewer and a fun twist on a salespitch.

“Why Wolves?” was created as part of The Animation Workshop’s Short, Short film projects, which are made by teams of first year Character Animators and CG Artists.


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