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1 Meter/Hour

Experimental9MINby Nicolas Deveaux

On an airplane wing, a company of snails performs a wonderfully slippery choreography.


Fantasy9MINby Turbé, Pommiez, Navarro, Nouveau

Ages ago, humans went through many hardships because the sky was too low. A story adapted from an old Apache legend.

La Palma’s Sky

Timelapse4MINby Daniel López

Astronomical timelapse video with shots from the night sky of La Palma island.

The Night Sky from Canary Islands

Timelapse5MINby Daniel López

Wonderful astronomical timelapse video created by one of the masters of the craft.

The Third & The Seventh (X-Rayed)

Experimental12MINby Alex Roman

Man with the virtual movie camera: Alex Roman's short film masterpiece provides a voyage across architecture art through the eyes of a photographer.