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Les Gorilles VFX breakdown

June 22, 2015 > VFX Breakdowns

Paris-based Digital District have posted a VFX breakdown of a great long take shot they helped produce for Tristan Aurouet's Les Gorilles film, which combines practical and digital VFX.

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Hercules VFX breakdowns

October 10, 2014 > VFX Breakdowns

London-based Milk studio has posted a video with VFX breakdowns for the work they did for Brett Ratner's film, which is based on the mythological character Hercules.

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Kaiju building destruction VFX breakdown

June 23, 2014 > VFX Breakdowns

FX artist Kei Yoneoka, who works at Vancouver-based Scanline VFX studio, has posted a detailed breakdown for research he's been doing on simulating a building destruction by a Kaiju ("strange beast").

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47 Ronin VFX breakdowns

May 16, 2014 > VFX Breakdowns

The Moving Picture Company has published a video with VFX breakdowns for work they did for Carl Rinsch's 47 Ronin fantasy action film.

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The Hobbit VFX breakdowns

April 18, 2014 > VFX Breakdowns

Weta Digital studio has released a number of new VFX reels showing breakdowns for the effects they created for Peter Jackson's adaptation of Tolkien's The Hobbit. You can see an overview of the VFX...

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