Eat On The Fly

"A regular day at the meat store."

Brief, very brief. But lots of fun. Created by Camille Roux as a personal project at French school MOPA, Eat On The Fly is a crowd-based short focused on humor. Staged in a butcher shop (urban environment) with related iconography of meat, sausages, price tags, etc., the short makes use of static cameras, with visual rhythm provided through cutting first and then through motion within the frame after the levitation. There’s some nice use of close-ups and progression to wider shots for revelation and surprise effect.

No explicit conflict is present, with the film relying on surprise to keep the viewer hooked. Animation plays an important role, as it helps transmit a feeling of hesitation and that the flies are trying to maneuver together the motion of the cow’s head. Surprise, humor, creativity, nice use of ellipsis and a drop of surrealism (perhaps the cow’s eye was an intended reference?) make Eat On The Fly a brief but thoroughly enjoyable short.


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