None Of That

"A night at the museum of art."

None Of That is a short film produced at the Ringling College of Art and Design that focuses on art, nudity, religion and censorship. The short was created by three artists from the USA and deals with an important subject that is weaved throughout the history of art, as this has been an ongoing struggle that has lasted thousands of years (one that art is fortunately winning). It’s worth noting that nudity and sex show up more often in short films from certain countries than others. What is a basic part of human nature is handled by societies in very different ways.

In the case of this short the subject is presented with a humorous approach, two main characters with an external conflict are staged in a museum (urban area), with a stylized aesthetic. The staging, animation and music seems to be inspired by 2D cartoons, setting the mood for comedy. Good effort has been dedicated to the characters’ expressions and poses, to help transmit conflict and comedy. Visual rhythm is high, with frequent cuts, motion within the frame and camera moves.

Highlights of the short include its focus on art, references to historic artworks, creativity, humor, playful staging and change of POV for comedic effect (the two policemen entering at 3m27).


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