Supinfocom 2014 personal shorts – part II

Eight new films added. New great shorts produced by individual students, this time from Supinfocom Arles, have been posted online. Watch them below.


Sans Dessus Dessous by Jerome Battistelli


Le Parasol by Anna Mertz


Souvenir De Plage by Mathilde Cartigny (16+ age recommended)


Crabtatoo by Marion Duvert


Slippery Shore by Robin Migliorelli


Cerf-volant by Yukiko Meignien


Iguana by Juliette Jean


Fisher by Judith Wahler


Démineur by Théophile Dufresne


Ascendances by Robin Pelissier


Marée Noire by Vincent Bayoux


Ichtus by Florian Babikian


Cocorico by Guilherme Pereira


Stray Bullet by Kevin Tarpinian


Under The Dump by Anna Magdalena


OVER-GAME by Julien Becquer


Bisou by Alex Chauvet


Fetch! by Clémentine Frère


Beyond The Sand by Romain Salvini


Bord de Mer by Lucas Navarro


Run Away by Laura Trouche


Locked Up by Gabriel Grapperon


Pinnipèdes by Victor Caire

Posted June 27, 2014


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