Gobelins special FX trailers

Age: 13+

Two new films added. Parisian animation school Gobelins is posting a number of remarkable film teasers produced by its students, as a special effects exercise within its Character Animation and Animated Filmmaking program. As always, the quality of work coming from Gobelins’ students shows both proficient technique and creativity. Enjoy!


From Dusk to Dawnby Maximilien Angelloz-Nicoud, Morgane Ravelonary, Julia Trouvé, Benjamin Warnitz


Divina Commediaby Antoine Bonnet, Jules Bourges, Quentin Boyer Di Bernardo, Jocelyn Charles, Nathan Harbonn Viaud, Mathilde Loubes, Antoine Vignon


The Millby Benjamin Berrebi, Camille Guillot, James Molle, Sarah Naciri, Pierre Rougemont, Côme Roy


Madreby Cécile Guillard, Fanny Hagdahl Sörebo, Aleksandra Krechman, Mathilde Laillet, Valentine Zhang


BOOM!!! Kaijuby Vincent Chansard, Valérie Bousquié, Mathilde Vachet, Claire Matz, Joséphine Meis

Posted January 19, 2017


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