Latest Shorts

Code Rose

Comedy, Fantasy5MINby Groux, Morel, Coëz, Seisson, Leydier, Cimon

A flamingo lands on an aircraft carrier. To keep the runway clear, the military have to get rid of it.

Until Dawn

Drama, War4MINby Pyrusaubes, Marlier, Scouvemont, Giraud

A soldier and his superior have conflicting views on the battlefield.

Back On Track

Action, Drama3MINby Tixador, Duvéré, Pezzulo, Coppier, Okoundou

Clinging to his motorcycle, Michael prepares to launch himself from the top of a long ramp.

French Roast

Comedy8MINby Fabrice O. Joubert

In a Parisian café an uptight businessman discovers he forgot his wallet and can’t pay the bill.


Drama, Experimental4MINby Quentin Joas

Out of sync.