Latest Shorts

Oh The Cow!

Comedy1MINby Marta Gennari

A hiker takes a break from his walk.

Dead End

SciFi6MINby Perrier-Cornet, Bruyère, Peron, Recuyer, André-Bourguignon, Euvrard

Esis comes across a motionless robot.


Action, Drama7MINby Ouvrard, Petellaz, Cazes, Diaz, Mellet, Natchoo, Latapie ...

Marcus, a winemaker, is haunted by his past as a gladiator.
(Age: 13+)


Adventure6MINby Kubiak, de Geyer d'Orth, Détrain, Perron, Lin, Faure

Phileas embarks on an adventure to find quality tea leaves.