"After a long day, a dog helps its overworked owner."

Omelette is a short film comedy by Madeline Sharafian about an overworked man who is helped by his dog to make dinner. Two characters, an external conflict, a dog with humanized traits and an accent on humor are the main ingredients of Omelette, which Sharafian produced during her studies at CalArts.

Narrated from the POV of the dog, an external conflict is triggered by the given circumstances of the man character, who enters the scene visibly tired from a day of work (a situation the audience can easily relate to) and unfolds a number of self-sabotaging actions.

Visual rhythm is quite fast, handled mainly through editing. Cameras are mostly static (with a few pans and zooms). Highlights of the short include the parallel editing sequence starting at 1m19 with match on actions, the expressive qualities of the dog character (which greatly help transmit the emotions of the scene), the detailed focus on cooking, the elements of humor and the great description of the human-dog friendship.


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