Latest Short Films

String Fighters

Action1MINby Delabays, Odin-Châtelain, Boisard, Inserra, Charrier-Rangel

Two Mexican wrestlers battle outside the ring.

The Navel Of The Moon

Drama8MINby Koatja, Garibay, Grupińska, António, Westraad

Chava, a Mexican mechanic, must take his son to the moon in order to fulfill his late mother's last wish.


Comedy7MINby Jeanette Nørgaard

A jazz pianist, his cat and the things that really matter.

In September I Moved To France

Comedy1MINby Daniella Schnitzer

A young woman tries to speak French after moving to France.


Fantasy7MINby Loret, Martin, Bailliet, Rizzo, Gombault

Logan wants to bring her sister back to life.
(Age: 13+)