Latest Shorts

The General’s Room

Drama8MINby Sallaud Pujade-Renaud, Lawrence Nygaard, Nikolova, De Olano, Marion, Tran, Hjortholm ...

When an old family house is put on sale its military traditions and shared memories are unleashed to the present.

Dress Rehearsal

Comedy4MINby Marie Fayt

A dancer attends the final rehearsal before a show’s opening.


Fantasy8MINby Nollet, Versini, Chen, Faraud, Hirth, Charpentier

In a village lost in the Nordic islands, a little girl is waiting for her father, gone fishing at sea.

From Above

Fantasy, Holiday, War7MINby Thiaucourt, Damiano, Dao, Jousse, Haug, Baussois, Hebrard

Christmas 1916, a French soldier is sent to the front line to investigate an object falling from the sky into no man’s land.

3 Walls & A Roof

Fantasy9MINby de Magalhaes, Dugardin, Laffra, El Hammami

Ava, a young woman plunged in her dreams, wanders in the heart of the mysterious dollhouse from her childhood.
(Age: 13+)