Latest Shorts

The First Exhibition

Mindbender2MINby Jonathan Djob Nkondo

An alternative look at abstract art.

Splitscreen: A Love Story

Romance2MINby James W. Griffiths

Can two people who live on opposite sides of the world have anything in common? Love prevails.

At The Cafe

Comedy, Crime1MINby Jouanny, Goin, Grandin, Guilhen, Gibert

An unexpected occurrence at a Parisian cafe.

Wild West Compressed: This Town Ain’t Big Enough

Comedy, Western1MINby Christian Kaufmann

Westerns meet the vertical mobile format.

The General’s Room

Drama8MINby Sallaud Pujade-Renaud, Lawrence Nygaard, Nikolova, De Olano, Marion, Tran, Hjortholm ...

When an old family house is put on sale its military traditions and shared memories are unleashed to the present.