Latest Shorts


Action, Drama7MINby Ouvrard, Petellaz, Cazes, Diaz, Mellet, Natchoo, Latapie ...

Marcus, a winemaker, is haunted by his past as a gladiator.
(Age: 13+)


Adventure6MINby Kubiak, de Geyer d'Orth, Détrain, Perron, Lin, Faure

Phileas embarks on an adventure to find quality tea leaves.

Error In Judgement

Comedy, Supernatural3MINby Roux, Igityan, Techer, Kony-Fouletier, Lucas, Renaudat

While bringing mail to Saint Peter in Purgatory, Emil accidentally makes a mistake.

The Archivist

SciFi3MINby Marriere, Dupeyrat, Bourgueil, Ygouf, Ulrich

An alien is on a mission to classify planets.

The Journey

Drama6MINby Delbes, Espiasse, Kapsopoulos, Lambolez, Jackson, Atangana

A trumpet player dives back into his memories when he was saved by Jazz.