Latest Shorts


Comedy1MINby Nicolle, Garreau, Leboucher, Randresy

Quarantine sports games.

Like And Follow

Comedy2MINby Brent Forrest, Tobias Schlage

When a kid starts spending time in the real world, it’s up to his smartphone to bring his attention back to where it belongs.

The New Exhibition

Crime, Mindbender3MINby Jonathan Djob Nkondo

At a museum, a man looks closely at a painting.


Supernatural9MINby Ben Brand

One of the best shorts we've watched in years. When a man dies in a traffic accident and gets into a conversation with God, he gets an answer to the biggest question of life.


Comedy2MINby Aubin, Grimaud, Caravaglios, Molina, Payet, Gaveriaux, Chiapparin ...

A caveman’s story.