Latest Shorts


Fantasy1MINby Andre, Tuloup, Dufour, Bizalion

In the middle of the fields a singular celebration takes place.

Our Heroes

Comedy, Drama4MINby Léo Grandperret

A corrosive look at social behavior in the age of coronavirus.
(Age: 13+)

Alfred Fauchet, Here And There

Experimental, Mindbender7MINby Mathieu Georis

Alfred wants to get rid of things, but gets lost in the process. The car is moving, but too fast.

Mathieu Georis interview on Alfred Fauchet

December 1, 2020 > News

Surrealism abounds in this remarkable short by Belgian artist Mathieu Georis. We had the pleasure to talk to the...

Jump If You Can

Comedy4MINby Jamain, Zinai, Risacher, Fauxpoint

It's time to leave.
(Age: 16+)