MOPA 2015 personal shorts

Great shorts by students from MOPA (ex-Supinfocom Arles) have been posted online. Great creativity as always. Watch them below.  

La Fuite by Florian Brauch



Aléasby Pierre Perveyrie


Fiskby Maximilien Bougeois


Plouf !by Maurin Mansard


Alikiby Yohan Thireau


Ramenby Irina Nguyen


Button Upby Sarah Chalek


Posticheby Gauthier Ammeux


Sur le filby Matthieu Pujol


Clockwiseby Marina Roger


Shoe Shopby Camille Rabès


The Magic Shopby Amélia 'Amy' Arslane


Melchiorby Valentine Baillon


Eat On The Flyby Camille Roux


Grillésby Elsa Nesme


Aspirationby Quentin Dubois (13+ age recommended)


Enracineby Juliette Pecorard


Menagèreby Louise Petit


Bataillons!by Marion Coumenges


Têtuby Eva Corniou Valentin Tournebize


Hollipopby Romain Thirion


Garçonneby Léa Finucci


Lutherie Sauvageby Anna Garcia


Fine Lameby Alexandre Dumez

Posted April 1, 2015


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