A Drop

"Changing a difficult situation sometimes requires a jump into the unknown."

Age: 13+

French director and VFX artist Julien Vanhoenacker returns with a visceral short film, once again with the collaboration of music composer Nicolas Vitte. “A Drop” presents one main character, an internal conflict and a highly symbolic visual narrative.

Staged in an urban setting that expresses the character’s internal struggles, the film initially uses fragmented editing with plenty of jump cuts to transmit a feeling of uneasiness, complemented by the character’s expression and makeup. After the jump visual rhythm is greatly increased through camera moves, shakes, motion within the frame, editing, etc., accentuated by close-ups and sound.

A transition is described using imaginative visual elements, slow motion sequences that transmit a sense of discovery, strong presence of water and associated sensory images. A change of direction and aesthetic (towards color) completes the transition.

The director chose a universal subject, one that will make the short resonate with a wide audience. Sometimes in life there is no safety net and one has to decide whether to jump without knowing the consequences (though usually knowing the consequences of choosing not to jump). A great portrait of a leap of faith into the unknown, with plenty of VFX and postproduction work.




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