"Two elderly swimmers meet at the baths for their ritual swimming. This time they are diving deeper than usual."

Baths is an animated short film created by Hungarian artist Tomek Ducki that presents two main characters and a focus on playing with screen directions, editing and transitions to build a continuity that switches between two complementary narrative lines.

Staged in two different locations, both featuring swimming pools, the short uses a heavily stylized aesthetic and colors to help identify the two main characters when they show up in both narrative lines. This allows to transmit the idea that they are younger and older versions of the same characters, which keep switching as they surface from each side of the water. Editing plays an essential role in Baths, helping stitch both narrative lines together and build continuity. Also worth noting is the frequent use of internal, subjective images to convey what the characters are going through.

Great effort has been dedicated in Baths to sound design, which is used to describe the space of each environment, emphasize the crowd and energy of the swimming competition, and transmit the subjectivity of the characters.


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