Between Walls

"Peter is trying to write a poem, but he is stuck between the walls of his home. His young daughter Mille interrupts his thoughts."

Birds abound in Between Walls, a remarkable short film from The Animation Workshop. It created by 9 students (with the assistance of 5 more) and presents an internal conflict, a portrait of a father-daughter relationship and a focus on staging.

Narrated with a high level of subjectivity, the internal conflict of the father/writer character is transposed into birds (black crows), which play an expressive role in the film and participate actively interacting with the props and one of the characters, as well as function as elements in the framing and composition of images. The internal conflict is also reflected in the desaturated palette of the stylized aesthetic, and most especially in the wonderful staging work, which features a creative mix of theater with the possibilities provided by film and animation (2D and 3D).

Also worth noting in Between Walls are the sequences in which the white bird built by the little girl transforms from paper to being alive, thanks to the subjectivity in the narrative POV of the child and the father.

Besides the technical aspects, the short successfully transmits the innocence of the child character, her imagination and ability to play, as well as the disconnection of the father and a final message of hope, showing how the presence of the child manages to release the father from his own psychological imprisonment. The authentic portrait of the little girl seems to point to some personal experience (or research) from the part of the authors.

Making of material on the film's website

Concept sketches by Anne Birk Petersen

Concepts sketches and light script by Sara Aunbirk


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