Buy Buy Baby

"Frederick Frinklesworth the second must take care of his baby for the day, but can he and Wall Street survive the mayhem that ensues?"

Coming from the outskirts of London, this short by UK animator and director Gervais Merryweather was produced as a graduation project at the National Film and Television School.

The film uses two main characters and a double chase to propel forward the narrative. A retro stylized aesthetic is used, with wonderful character and environment design that make it a pleasure to watch. But the highlights of the short are the playful script and staging, which often branch off into non-realistic music-driven sequences, in the style of classic cartoons. The film contains plenty of humor, with comedic situations being built through the use of a baby character as a contrasting, disruptive force in a diegetic world full of artificial rules. The baby is used as a trigger for creating conflict as well as for producing contrasts when combined with money and the financial world, and for causing transformations in characters and situations.

Visual rhythm is high, created through the use of pans, zooms, editing, motion within the frame, changes in lighting and aesthetic, and augmented through great use of music.

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