"An existentialist short that focuses on life, death and passage of time."

Coming from Lithuania, this existentialist experimental short offers a contemplative view of a number of interior urban (or suburban) spaces, depicting passage of time and traces of long gone human presence.

No characters, no conflicts. The film is driven by a voice-over (extracted from a speech by British philosopher Alan Watts) that interacts with the staging, striking aesthetics, and slow visual rhythm produced by the movement of the camera.

The author has dedicated special effort to aesthetics, framing and composition, along with a stylized staging that helps raise a number of questions for the viewer.

The presence of death in the last shots helps move the short into a more metaphoric realm.

Interestingly enough, the spaces shown in the short have been built in 3D from real photos using camera mapping (which explains the way the cameras move in the film).



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