Fishing In The Air #1

"The adventures of a man who goes bird fishing."

Coming from France, this highly creative short presents one main character, an external conflict and a focus on surprise and humor. It was produced by French artist Mickaël Dupré during his studies at Ecole Emile Cohl, and is the first one of a three-part series.

The action unfolds in front of a static camera, visual rhythm is handled entirely through motion within the frame. Comedy is created through surprise, off-screen space, physical humor (the author mentions Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton as influences) and unexpected behavior from the main character (such as blowing a hat for recovering balance). It relies heavily on sound to transmit this to the audience, and to create a joyous ambiance, which permeates the short.

The stylized aesthetic is also worth noting, which is used to describe the rural area. A lot of work has been dedicated to creating believable interaction between the elements of the scene (birds flying, plants moving due to their flapping, etc.), complemented by sound.

Fishing In The Air #2

Fishing In The Air #3


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