Jump If You Can

"It's time to leave."

Age: 16+

Jump If You Can is a short film about the struggles a woman’s lovers face to escape the house when her husband shows up. The short was produced in just 15 days by four artists for a papercut workshop at Parisian animation school Atelier de Sèvres.

Five characters (on screen plus 3 off-screen), an external conflict and remarkably creative non-realistic staging are the main elements of the short. Located in an interior, in an urban/suburban area, the short uses a stylized aesthetic with a palette of warm colors and abundant textures. Flat shading is employed for the characters.

Lighting plays a significant role, it’s used for revealing characters, creating surprise, extending staging as well as increase visual rhythm. Sound also plays a prominent role in telling the story, creating conflict, transmitting the emotional states of the characters, triggering plot points and bringing materiality to the characters and props.

Good attention is dedicated to blocking of characters. A static camera is employed. Visual rhythm is handled through motion within the frame, changes in lighting and complemented by sound.

What makes it work so well? Playful and notably creative staging, frequent use of metamorphosis, a good dose of humor and plenty of elements of surprise. The production process itself very likely resembled the playful atmosphere of the short.


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