Monsieur Pompone’s Perfumery

"In his fantastic factory, Mr. Pompone creates the most extraordinary perfumes surrounded by an aura of tradition and prestige."

Produced by five artists from French school Supinfocom, this remarkable short features two main characters, an external conflict, a focus on sensory images and ambitious environment design.

Staged in an urban environment and a perfume factory composed of spacious areas, notable work has been dedicated to designing and building the environments, as well as the props, insects, animals, etc., that inhabit them.

There’s a strong focus on aesthetics, including color, lighting, composition, pattern design, etc. The film employs a stylized 3D aesthetic that strays away from photorealism and is closer to a cel shaded one. It also incorporates a playful sequence with a vintage 2D aesthetic, changing the aspect ratio of the frame to introduce it. Animation-wise, the great quality of the swarming and flocking particle animations are also worth noting, as the film makes extensive use of them. Sensory images abound, especially those related to smell.

Visual rhythm is fast paced, handled through editing, plenty of camera moves (the perfume production machine sequence is a fine example) and motion within the frame. Extreme wide shots are used to describe the extensive environments, together with crane shots that help convey depth. Changes in focus and depth-of-field are also employed to add visual rhythm and link background and foreground elements.

What makes the short work so well? Besides the remarkable aesthetic work, it immerses the viewer into a highly imaginative world that is very entertaining, holds plenty of surprises and offers many moments of comedy.


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