Odile et Michel

"Relationships, crisis. Odile tries to understand why her boyfriend won't talk to her anymore."

Odile et Michel is a short film written and directed by Danny Sangra about a woman who wants to find out why her boyfriend refuses to talk to her anymore. The London-based director (known for films such as “A Lunch Break Romance”) feels comfortable working with comedy. His films are quite playful and need no logic or excuse to stage their funny and sometimes plain hilarious situations. The production process of the films themselves must be something worth watching in this respect.

Odile et Michel presents an urban love story in crisis, two main characters and an internal conflict triggering an external one. But rather than providing a traditional diegetic element that may be the cause for the crisis, Sangra ends up playing with the fourth wall. Antoine Gouy (Michel) and Flore Bonaventura (Odile) are quite convincing in their performances, helping set the initial context for the film.

The short is also a funny observation on how partners in a couple end up influencing each other in unexpected ways, that is, that couples inherently cause some kind of color bleeding.




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