Short Circuit

"A grandfather is annoyed with his ultra-connected family."

Short Circuit is an animated short created by fours artists at Lyon-based Émile Cohl school that offers a snapshot of the modern ultra-connected family. Four characters, a disruptive protagonist and a focus on disconnection due to addiction to technology are the main ingredients of this short.

Staged in a kitchen with characters sitting around a table, the short re-presents an old ritual, a family gathering, in a contemporary light. A stylized aesthetic is used, with a colder monochromatic palette for background elements to give more prominence to the characters and their actions.

The main protagonist, the grandfather character, acts as a disruptive force, generating external conflicts and ultimately unleashing a conflict with the environment. Objects play a significant role as they are causing the disconnection within the family, triggering the grandfather character’s frustration, kicking off the narrative. Other objects, the microwave and fire sprinkler are responsible for resolving the initial conflict.

One shot, no cuts. Static camera. Visual rhythm is handled through motion within the frame, complemented by sound (which also plays a disruptive role at times) and catchy video game-themed music.

What makes it work so well? A subject that resonates with a wide audience, a fun disruptive character, plenty of creativity and subjects such as disconnection, alienation and loneliness portrayed with abundant humor.

Short Circuit was made in one month for a contest held by French TV channel Gulli. The music was created in collaboration with a student from the Master’s program Musiques Appliquées Aux Arts Visuels of the Université Lumière Lyon 2.


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