The Bigoudenn Migration

"As the night begins to fall on the coast of Bretagne, Bigoudenes gather to proceed on a mysterious ritual."

Produced at Parisian school Gobelins, this creative short mixes traditions from the coast of northwest France (pays Bigouden) with a mysterious ritual. The action driven by the music soon turns into wonderful choreography, with great use of repetition. Characters are portrayed through a crowd, which amplifies the action, and a single elder. The story is staged among nature, in a coastal area.

The focus on the subject of food and cooking crêpes is related to the Bigouden culture’s cuisine, crêpes are one of their specialties.

Highlights include the context given by cultural tradition, the fluid animation, good use of camera movements (some nice dollies and pans), and the attention to color palette and composition.

Concept art and making of material

How to cook a Bigouden crêpe (recipe)


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