The Table

"A woodworker is obsessed with the idea of creating the perfect object."

Perfect is the enemy of good. This remarkable film was created by Ukrainian animator Eugene Boitsov at French school La Poudrière.

One main character, a focus on objects and the relationship between an artist and his work are the ingredients of this fast-paced comedy.

Non-realistic, highly creative staging is used. The aesthetic is stylized, black and white, with geometrized minimalist description of elements (with the exception of the toolbox’s interior, which represents the main character’s psyche).

The short focuses on an object and the way its creator gets obsessesed with bringing it to perfection, and his difficulty in letting it go, which can turn a healthy creative act into a path of self-destruction. The object gets modified by the various characters that use it for different purposes, while preventing the carpenter from achieving his goal. The main character’s internal conflict is augmented through external conflicts with the secondary characters.

The way the director plays with filmmaking elements is worth noting, as the table is modified at some point by the frame of the film itself (which could be interpreted as the intervention of the spectator or director). Also worth highlighting is how the short covers the way a work of art may be received by different audiences, which is completely outside of the control of its creator.

What makes it work so well? Non-realistic staging, plenty of creativity, surprise, humor and a subject that will resonate with a wide audience.


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