The Third & The Seventh

"Man with the virtual movie camera: Alex Roman's short film masterpiece provides a voyage across architecture art through the eyes of a photographer."


The production of the Third & The Seventh is an impressive solo effort that bears a very personal signature, Jorge Seva created all the visual elements, did the sound design, music sequencing & mixing, postproduction, editing and more.

As the author intended, the photographic aesthetic experimentation sets it apart from architectural visualization work. But to say that is an understatement, the level of sensibility of the short film is astounding. Powered by the beauty of the images and the appeal to the senses, TT&TS moves viewers deeply and submerges them into the dream-like world of the film. It’s no surprise that it appeals to a worldwide audience. It’s a remarkable watching experience that simply can’t be defined by words.

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Interview – Alex Roman on the making of The Third & The Seventh

Compositing Breakdown

Exeter Shot -- Making Of


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  • Azita

    Watching this short film was the best visual experience of my life.i loved it. I was carried away in world of colors , objects ,different angels ,architecture, nature…
    It is all like living in a dream!! Wonderful work of art!!

  • Flasho

    I liked the movie and the report very much. Good job!!!!!