Treo Fiskur

"In the Northern seas, a fisherman is going to discover the origin of fish."

Coming from Supinfocom Valenciennes this short film presents three characters, two conflicts (one with the environment and an external one) and is staged in the sea and natural environments.

The film features impressive art design with a stylized aesthetic, ambitious work on environments and iconography from Scandinavian culture. It makes very effective use of close-ups/POV shots, accelerating visual rhythm, sensory images and sound design to build a great action sequence. The supernatural elements help bring extra appeal to the story.

Art design by Noémie Cauvin

Rigging / FX / scripting reel by Tristan Hélaine (see 0m54)

Design / modeling / lighting / animation reel by Sullivan Vanderlinden

Compositing making of video by Delvaux Lucie

Compositing making of video by Alissa Bécavin


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