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Online distribution platforms for filmmakers

December 17, 2013 > Distribution

POV, the site dedicated to documentaries hosted by PBS, has collected a list of sites dedicated to self-publishing and online distribution of films. They have interviewed representatives from each of the sites asking questions...

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Scorsese on film and social context

September 22, 2013 > Theory

Film director Martin Scorsese has written an article on films and how they are interpreted in different social and historical contexts. Read the article on The New York Review of Books.

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LittleCast allows selling videos on Facebook

September 6, 2013 > Distribution

LittleCast has devised a platform that is closely integrated with Facebook and allows filmmakers and producers to sell videos directly to their social networks on Facebook. Read more on LittleCast.

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Wim Wenders’ 50 Golden Rules of Moviemaking

August 3, 2013 > Tips

German film director Wim Wenders shares years of filmmaking experience in this article on MovieMaker Magazine.

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Philip Bloom on what defines the “film look”

August 3, 2013 > Aesthetics

UK director and seasoned DP Philip Bloom covers the elusive subject of what defines the "film look". He also takes a quick look at the Filmconvert software, which aims to make digital footage look...

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