Bûche Royale

"Patrick and Julien on their daily job."

Age: 13+

Coming from French school EMCA, this short film plays with the SciFi genre and its expectations through the staging of daily, common situations in an alien planet, painting a bleak portrait of humanity.

With an emphasis on dialogue to create contrast, the film presents two main characters killing animals in an alien planet and taking their eggs as their daily job. The trivialization of their actions is portrayed through various narrative devices, including conversations extracted from daily situations, use of humor, staging of everyday situations (car ride, going to the bathroom, playing cards), detachment from their job, hiding their facial expressions, etc. By the end of the short, the character design of the baby alien animal is clearly intended to appeal to the feelings of the audience and help transmit the message of the film. The mild internal conflict that the baby triggers in one of the characters, and the way it’s quickly waved away emphasizes this message.

The effort dedicated to the environments and character design is worth noting, as well as the changes of rhythm (motion, editing and sound) in the action sequences. The film includes a fun self-reflexive quote, when one of the characters describes his son having to prepare a short film project for his last year of study.


Making of material by Aline Le Sage

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