"An artist's tribute to life drawing and the work of its models."

Age: 13+

This short by Taha Neyestani, produced as his thesis film at Sheridan College, focuses on the subjects of life drawing, art and performance.

It manages to transmit with great authenticity the whole ritual of life drawing, with a detailed description of the space, the elements used and the process itself, from beginning to end. There’s great use of sensory images (the sharpening of the pencil, the hand sliding over the blank paper, etc.), it’s quite clear that the film was born from the artist’s personal experience.

The short is staged in an interior urban location filled with art-related iconography. No conflict is present. The camera shifts through different POVs, one that shows the different poses the model adopts alternating with the drawings the artists are creating. The “objective” POV camera then accelerates the frame rate of the animated poses and transforms into a theatrical performance of the life model, who metamorphoses into characters the artists, or the model himself, could be imagining (raising the level of subjectivity). At certain points the short jumps back to the “objective” POV, creating a strong contrast by also silencing the music. When the character interacts with a woman, the film seems to have reminiscences from Ryan Woodward’s Thought of You short.

The life drawing model portrayed is Edward Czuchnicki, who works at Sheridan College. An emphasis is placed on showing the difference between his on-stage and off-stage behavior.

The focus on art, imagination, performance, playful storytelling, surprise, humor and shifting subjectivity in narration make it a very enjoyable film to watch.

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  • trAusti

    love it.. good story and production

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